Römerhof wine–
the “upgrade” for your collection.

The Schmitz family's company philosophy considers nature a crucial factor for the wines quality and development. The vintage-specific character must be emphasised, for wine experts can taste the features of each year. The classic Riesling is thus produced anew every year. So it's no wonder that old traditions, combined with the latest quality criteria, are the recipe for the success behind the many awards the Römerhof has won for its wines.


The light Riesling for summer.

A fresh, sassy wine with subtle residual sweetness for simple enjoyment with friends in summer.

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Riesling Selection

The selection from the best vineyards makes this wine something special.

Well incorporated acidity, enthralling minerality and subtle residual sweetness provide finesse and consistency.

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Riesling Filius II

A rounded wine with fine, zesty notes and smooth acidity.

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vom Grauen Tonschiefer

Distinct minerality.

A dream combination of fine acidity, fruity sweetness, enthralling minerality and delicate fruity, herbal notes.

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Riesling Felsenterrasse

The queen of these wines.

The steep slopes and old vines provide lots of extract and body. A wine which generates a variety of taste sensations.

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Flasche Sommerwein

Flasche Riesling Selection

Riesling Filius II

Flasche Riesling vom Grauen Tonschiefer

Flasche Riesling Terrasse